Talasani and surroundings


A site about Corsica, La Castagniccia, Talasani and Gian Paolo Borghetti.

  Bienvenue à Talasani
Talasani's pages on information about Talasani, including lots of old photos.

  Le Tavagna Club, Talasani
The official site of the Tavagna Club.

  U Settembrinu
Talasani's annual music festival.
This year: August 23th. - 27th. 2011.

  Costa Verde
Tourist information office

  Costa Verde Sports, Nature et Découvertes
Discover the Costa Verde via sport, nature, heritage, environment...
Information on La Castagniccia, the chestnut region.

  Castagniccia S.I.
Syndicat d'Initiative Intercommunal de la Castagniccia

  Parc Galea
9 hectares of gardens, exhibition spaces, land art installations and digital museums. Educational and fun discovery of Corsica.

The Orezza springs and mineral water factory.
click for photos and more information

  Penta di Casinca
The official site (and a good one!) of the commune of Penta di Casinca.
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  Centre Equestre du Domaine d'Anghione
Horse riding on the beach, refresher courses, hiking to explore the coast and mountains.

  Ferme équestre "A Conca d'Orezza"
Horse riding for experienced riders or beginners in La Castagniccia.

  Les Ecuries de la Costa Verde
Horse riding and trekking between the sea and the mountains, on the paths of the Costa Verde. Tuition at all levels, endurance races.

  L'école des ânes
Sightseeing by donkey.

About Corsica


A site about Corsica, La Castagniccia, Talasani and Gian Paolo Borghetti.
A very extensive site (in French and German) with information about all aspects of Corsica.
A very extensive site (in English) with information about all aspects of Corsica.
A very extensive site (in French) with information about all aspects of Corsica.
Lots of information about Corsica (in English).
The official internet site of l'Agence du Tourisme de la Corse (the Corsican Tourism Agency).

l'A.D.E.C.E.C. (Association pour le Développement du Centre-Est de la Corse) is a Corsican cultural organisation. Among many other activities, they run a Corsican language radio station and a museum at Cervione.

  Pascal Paoli Museum
The Musée départmental Pascal Paoli in Merusaglia (Morosaglia) is devoted to Pascal Paoli (1725-1807), the leader of Corsica during its period of independence in the 18th. century, and probably the world's best-known Corsican (except for a certain Monsieur Bonaparte, perhaps). Situated in the house of his birth, it also contains his remains, moved here from Westminster Abbey, London, in 1889.

The museum doesn't have a web site, but you should be able to find all necessary practical information here and here.

  Parc naturel régional de Corse
Talasani lies less than a kilometre from the borders of the Corsican Regional Park (Le Parc Naturel Régional de Corse). See the PNRC site for information about the Corsican fauna, flora and natural and cultural heritage.

Corsican news and weather
Corsican edition.

  Corse Matin
Corsica's daily newspaper.

  The weather in Corsica
Weather forecasts for Corsica and Talasani.

Travel to and from Corsica


  Corsica Ferries
Car ferries between Corsica and the continent: Nice, Toulon, Livorno, Savona.

Car ferries between Corsica and the continent: Marseille, Nice, Toulon.

Car ferries between Corsica and the continent: Livorno and Genova.

  Air France
Air links between Corsica and the continent.

Corsican Air Lines.
Cheap flights to Bastia from London (Gatwick), Manchester, Bristol, Paris (Roissy-Charles de Gaulle), Lyon and Geneva.

Cheap flights to Figari from Bruxelles (Charleroi) and Milan (Bergame).

Cheap flights to Bastia from many European destinations.
Cheap flights to Calvi from Köln/Bonn and Memmingen/Allgäu.
Find cheap flights from Holland and northern Germany to Marseille, Toulon or Nice - from there it's just a short boat trip!

  Alghero - Bonifacio
Another way to reach Corsica is via Alghero airport in Sardinia. There are lots of cheap flights to there (e.g. Ryanair flies there from all over Europe), and from there it's a 2,5 hour drive and a cheap 45 minute boat trip to Bonifacio. From there it's a 2,5 hour drive to Talasani.

Public transport


  Bus timetable Bastia - Moriani Plage
Timetable for buses between Bastia and Moriani Plage, via Casamozza and Figaretto.
Train and bus timetables for the whole island.
Click here for the timetable Porto Vecchio to Bastia via Figaretto (between Moriani Plage and Folelli).
All about the Corsican train, including timetables.

  Ter SNCF Corse
Corsica by train and bus.

  U Trinighellu
Le Petit Train de Corse. See Corsica by train.

Car hire


Car hire

Car hire

Car hire

Car hire

For more car hire firms go to and search for location d'automobiles in localité Bastia.






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