House and garden

We call the house 18th century but estimates as to its age vary between 200 and 400 years. It was definitely there in 1816, as in that year the doctor, poet and revolutionary Gian Paolo Borghetti (1816-1897) was born here. Since then it has been home to at least two mayors of Talasani. If its walls could speak they'd have much to tell…

Maison Borghetti - entrance Maison Borghetti, seen from the street Maison Borghetti - village side

In renovating the house we've been very careful to keep as many original features as possible, and to provide modern comfort while retaining the unique historic atmosphere. The furniture, fixtures and fittings, where not original, have also been carefully chosen to be in keeping with the style of the house.

the dining room/lounge the dining room/lounge the dining room/lounge

The south-facing garden is well-filled with flowers, including many indigenous varieties. It is not overlooked and offers an unimpeded view across the valley. There are various places to sit, in the sun or in the shade, and to sip a drink while enjoying the view and the peace and quiet.

the garden the garden the garden the garden the garden the garden the garden